United for Kenya

When I strapped on a Gerry can on my back on October 27 in New York to begin a 15-City trek across the country to raise funds for water projects in Kenya, little did I know it would spark a Movement...United for Kenya.

Lynn Wegesa of Austin, Texas read about my walk and shared it with her friend, Florence Nyoike, who are both Native Kenyans residing in the U.S. We met on my walk and began sharing ideas. This led to a historic event in Dallas last week with some of the brightest and best Kenyans who live and work in America. By the end of the evening "United for Kenya" was born, and a few of the founding leaders are pictured here.

The primary goal of United for Kenya is to help provide water and sustainable solutions to the over 40 million people throughout the Republic of Kenya by: funding boreholes, guttering schools, mobile water delivery services, irrigation projects, and establishing flood control measures around the country.

It will be done by mobilizing the over 350,000 Kenyans in America through the formation of a National "United for Kenya" organization with Chapters in every state, Walk for Water events, partnerships with other Kenya organizations throughout the U.S. and around the world, an annual convention, and involvement of key leaders in America and in the Republic of Kenya.

...You never know what will happen when you strap a water can on your back.

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