The Value of $50

$50 a month.  It won't buy much in the U.S. these days...a couple of pizza's delivered to your door, a few trips to Starbucks, a bottle of water after a work out.

In Kenya it's a completely different story.  $50 a month or $600 a year, will help a whole heap of people who desperately need assistance.  For instance it will build 1 1/2 Houses with Hope (Yes, they only cost $400 each!), sustain an orphan lunch program for one year, or treat a hundred people who contract malaria.

The impact of these three things alone is astounding.  Protecting people from the elements prevents a lot of illnesses, even death, and much needed security and stability to children and families.  Lunch programs provide what is usually the only meal a lot of orphans get all day long, and a simple antibiotic effectively fights malaria.

Contrast that with a 30 billion dollar pizza industry, over priced cups of caffeine, and millions of plastic water bottles occupying space in landfills across the country.

I wish you could see the faces of people when they get a roof over their heads after years of being homeless; the eyes of children light up when they look into a bowl of rice and beans, and the relief of a young mother whose baby is saved by an antibiotic which costs only five dollars.

In my many years working on behalf of orphans and destitute families in Africa, I have found that once Americans are aware of a need, they respond both compassionately and generously.  

I believe many of you will prove me right and forgo a few Caramel Latte's every month to give children and families in Kenya desperately needed help and hope.

Please take a few minutes and go to today and sign up to give $50 or more each month to help the charitable work being done by Houses with Hope throughout Kenya and the Continent of Africa.

Thank you very much,

Ronna Jordan, Founder and CEO

Houses with Hope

Houses with Hope is a 501-C3 non-profit organization in the United States and donations are tax-deductible.