The Hope Vision

A few years ago a pastor in Kenya told me a story about a couple who had abandoned their four children. He went on to say that this happens a lot in his country and I asked him "Why?" His answer shook me to the core. "They walk off and leave their children because they can't bear to watch them starve to death."

It was at that moment I knew we had a very serious problem that had to be addressed.

Houses with Hope had built many homes for people in Kenya, but the people in these homes were starving to death, they didn't have clean water, access to medical care, and couldn't afford to send their children to school.

We have just launched an initiative in the Western region of Nyando, population 300,000, in order to address these critical issues, "The Hope Vision." This endeavor will pinpoint the root causes of poverty and replace them with sustainable solutions.

The first and most crucial issue is water. Without water there is not enough food, and contaminated water results in health problems and even death. Water is also connected to education, in particular for girls, who are in charge of collecting water for their families.

They have to walk miles each day in order to do this, making it difficult or impossible for them to attend school.

When the issue of water is solved, enough food can be grown to eat and to sell. From the profits of what is sold, there will be money to pay for health care and school fees. The economic ripple effect will be substantial and the world will "sit up take notice" to the profound sustainable transformation of one of the poorest regions in all of Africa.

In partnership with Nyando Member of Parliament, Honorable Jared Okello, a comprehensive water strategy will be implemented which includes drilling boreholes, guttering schools and homes for rain collection, irrigation, flood control, and a "Water on Wheels" program which will fill tanks with clean water in strategically placed areas throughout the Nyando Constituency.

After water, agriculture will be addressed, a first of its kind 250 bed regional hospital will be built, and schools throughout the area will be adequately staffed and equipped. In addition vocational and leadership training, and working to impact the spiritual and emotional well being of the people will be the central focus of the inititaive.

A great team of marketing experts, grant writers, and consultants have come on board to make "The Hope Vision" a success. They are at the top of their respective fields and we are very excited about what they are bringing to the table.

The endeavor will be funded through grants, individual donors and corporate sponsors, proven marketing strategies, fundraising events, release of the $400 House Documentary Film, and Charitable Giving of Real Estate.

This Initiative is not only going to help Nyando, it is going to be a model of economic growth and sustainability which can be replicated in third world countries around the globe.

A large percentage of what is needed has already been raised, but we need a little financial boost to insure this initiative will not be derailed during the first few critical months of the launch. Please let us know if would like more information, or if you can help be a part of something which will change history and generations of people today, tomorrow, and forever.

Houses with Hope is a 501-C3 non-profit organization in the United States and donations are tax-deductible.