Nyanza's 'silent' MP

Nyando Member of Parliament Jared Okello is a new rising star in The Republic of Kenya and his style of politics has caught the eye of Prime Minister Raila Odinga who has become his admirer.

Okello has established himself as a smart politician and was overwhelmingly elected by a historical margin of 99.4%. Since then the soft spoken MP has been a hit.

His ODM party recognized his ability and after only a few months in office he was named to a high level cabinet position as Director of Economic Affairs.

When the Prime Minister went to Germany, The African Union, and most recently to meet with leaders in the United Kingdom Okello was by his side. In the next few weeks when Raila goes to The United Nations, Washington, D.C., and Duke University Mr. Okello will play a key role in the important diplomatic mission.

Jared Okello is headed for political greatness...the handwriting is on the wall.

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