Fab Four

Today's adventure on my "Walk + Water" Campaign ended with four lively, delightful women who were born and raised in Kenya: Dorothy Oyewoleturner, Phyllis Likimani, Florence Nyoike, and Lynn Wagesa Anderson. Having received advanced degrees from the University of Texas they now live and work in Austin, Texas.

Florence and Lynn found out what I was doing on Facebook and wanted to help, and recruited Dorothy and Phyllis to come on board.

They treated me to an amazing traditional Kenyan feast at Florence's home, and in between planning and laughing so hard my sides hurt, the classy and sassy "Fab Four" came up with an ingenious way to help our water Initiative in Kenya.

They are going to mobilize Kenyan's throughout Texas to come to Austin one weekend for a "Walk + Water" đź“·(= Hope) fundraiser.

Girls and women haul water in different ways in Kenya depending on which tribe they are from; either by putting the Jerry cans on their heads, backs, or sides. Everyone is going to walk the three miles around Austin Lake with the container where their tribe puts it, and get people to sponsor them for every mile they walk.

They are going to get corporate sponsors, publicize the hound out of it, and raise some major bucks for water for their homeland. It is going to be "off the charts" awesome.

The most memorable part of my "Water + Water" campaign has been, and I'm sure will continue to be, the special relationships and friendships I have made along the way...like the ones I made tonight.

On top of that I am absolutely certain of one thing...Watch out ...The classy, sassy "Fab Four" girls are gonna change the world!

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