A Blessing Bracelet

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

A blessing bracelet...

If you have ever stayed in a hotel in New York City you know how outrageously expensive they are. When I was there recently for the beginning of my journey across the country for "Water for Hope," I found the most reasonable place I could find and as the saying goes, "You get what you pay for."

First, I waited in line for over an hour to check in, when I walked into my room the first thing I saw was a giant cockroach, the lights flickered on and off, the mattress sagged in the middle, and the shower dripped all night long.

The next morning when I dropped off my key the woman at the front desk asked me how my stay was. "It wasn't great, I said, but compared to the people I work with in Kenya I slept in the lap of luxury last night". She asked me about my work there, and then I told her I was starting in New York City on a walk through cities across the country to raise funds to help provide 300,000 people in Nyando, Kenya with clean water."

She then took off a little twine bracelet off her wrist and told me it was her "Blessing Bracelet."

She said she has worn it for years wherever she goes as a reminder of how God has blessed her and guided her steps everyday.

Then she put it around my wrist to wear on my walk through the country to remind me that God would bless and guide me, and to trust Him from start to finish.

The "Blessing Bracelet" has no monetary value but to me it is a priceless gift I will cherish not only during "Water for Hope" but as long as I live.

In the good days and the difficult ones it will be a beautiful reminder that no matter what I am up against, God is good all the time, and all the time God is good.

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